What To Look for in a SEO Expert

SEO Expert signs to look for

Most businesses have realized that it is crucial to apply a EO expert if they want to get good returns from their digital marketing endeavors. It is also important for companies to recognize that every business is unique and therefore it requires specialized SEO services. Therefore, it goes without saying that they must invest in the best SEO experts in the market if they want to get the best SEO services. Here are the reasons for picking the correct SEO expert;


A good SEO expert should be able to research the appropriate keywords that you need to use on your website at any point in time so that your target consumers can find it easily.


A good SEO expert should also be able to write content for you that will put all the aspects of SEO into practice and make your website visible to consumers.

Web design advice

A good SEO expert should be in a position to do an analysis of your sites and offer you recommendations on which areas of your sites you should improve that influence site visitors experience or search engine placement. This includes things to do with content, site coding and inbound and outbound links.


The SEO you pick should also be able to analyze your competitor’s sites and have an understanding of your offline competition. By doing so, they will know which sites in your industry are striving and know how to target them.

On-page and off-page tactics

A good SEO expert that you choose should be able to give you a detailed explanation of how they intend to optimize your website. On-page/ off-site  SEO entails designing your site in such a way that search engine crawlers will be able to understand it such as quality content, titles, headers and metadata that contain relevant keywords. Off-page or off-site SEO refers to all forms of digital marketing that will be done off-page to drive traffic to your website. These include link building, social media, article submission and guest posts. Telling you the scope of the plan for your site SEO can only be possible after they have not done the adequate analysis. Also, analysis can only be done after they have discussed with you and done thorough research on your website to know the most appropriate keywords to use.

Link strategy and Google ethics

An experienced SEO expert should have a link strategy for your site and know how to promote your website through other sites that contain information that is relevant to yours such as blogs, article directories, images, and video. They should also know what is prohibited by Google and avoid using it to prevent your site from getting banned by Google. For example, they should be aware of how to use white hat search techniques instead of black howat ones.

Initial review

A good SEO expert should also allow you to have an initial technical review of your site to get an idea of what specifically will change because on-page SEO will necessitate some adjustments to your code.

Time estimate

A good expert should also be able to tell you the approximate period that the SEO campaign is likely to take.

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